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replica watchesIncluding Rolex Sea-Dweller, a 1970s Piaget with Jasper Dial, and a 1960s Wittnauer Professional World-Time Chronograph,
An overall new HODINKEE website is in need of a fresh launch of vintage watches, and we’d love to offer help. The arrivals span the full spectrum of form and functionality. A simple replica Piaget dress watch belies a cool hard stone dial, a two-tone Rolex Oyster Date lends an air of casual elegance to your summer uniform, and a 1970s Heuer “Bundeswehr” with a flyback chronograph complication are just three of ten offerings available now. Let’s check out some highlights as below:
The 1978 Fake Rolex Sea-Dweller with Box and Guarantee Certificate
This “Great White” Sea-Dweller, finished with its original box and guarantee certificate, is really the prize. The Sea-Dweller came with a request for a “real” diving watch from professional deep divers. Rolex replicas first upgraded the Submariner with a helium escape valve so that the gas present in diving bells wouldn’t shatter the Plexiglass crystal during decompression, before releasing the Sea-Dweller. This example is the last version of the 1665 with the bright white signature, and the coveted “rail dial.” More about this watch here.
1970s Piaget replica in White Gold with Jasper Dial
The hard stone dials that Piaget made in the 1960s and 1970s echoed the kaleidoscopic and bohemian fashion of the era. Onyx, turquoise, malachite, coral, and tiger’s eye decorated the dials of many Piaget wristwatches, but this jasper example is a bit less flamboyant and more subtle than something like lapis lazuli. Depending on the light source, the opaque dark green with red flecks takes on different tones. On top of all this gemological wonder, there’s an ultra-thin Piaget caliber 9P hidden inside the 18k white gold case. Check it out here. rolex
1960s Wittnauer Professional World-Time Chronograph
Don’t let yourself rest until you’ve visited all 29 cities on this Wittnauer Professional World-Time Chronograph. It offers huge bang for your buck, so you can snap it up now and still have plenty of coin left over for that next vacation. With a 24 hour dial to boot, this can be the ideal companion, no matter where you choose to take it. You can see the full listing here.
To circle out the highlights above, we have a 1960s rose gold-plated Breitling Top-Time, a 1960s Junghans Chronograph J88, a 1970s Heuer “Bundeswehr” Flyback Chronograph SG “3H,” a 1970s Longines Admiral, a two-tone 1987 Rolex Oyster Date, a 1940s Alpina Chronograph with radium-filled numerals, and a 1960s Universal Geneve Aerocompax.